First invitations to Travel Survey 2023 have been sent

The Travel Survey examines the daily journeys of Helsinki region residents: where people travel from and to and which modes of transport they use. We will send out nearly a thousand survey invitations this spring and we hope for the invitees’ active participation.

The Travel Survey 2023 is about to get underway. We have just sent out survey invitations to those selected for the survey in March. The next invitations will be sent out at the beginning of April.

We have randomly selected nearly one thousand Helsinki residents aged over 7 years, half of whom live in central Helsinki and half in the suburbs.

We hope that all those selected for the survey will fill in a travel diary recording all journeys they make during a certain day. The survey is mainly conducted online, but respondents over 70 years of age will be interviewed by phone.

We will also ask for some background information and information about the respondents’ travel habits and mobility possibilities as well as for their opinions on travel.

The Travel Survey provides important baseline data on residents’ travel habits in the Helsinki region. We hope for your active participation. By responding you can help us ensure that the needs of people travelling in different ways are taken into account in transport planning.

The survey results will provide essential information for the preparation of the Helsinki Region Transport System Plan, as well as for the management and development of traffic forecast models.

The respondents can enter a prize draw to win a gift card worth 500 euros.

In the autumn, we will send out invitations to nearly 42,000 more people. In the autumn, invitations will be sent to people living in all 14 Helsinki region municipalities and in Siuntio.

Travel Surveys have been conducted in the Helsinki region on a regular basis since 1966 about every five years. The previous Travel Survey was conducted in 2018.

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