Forget the hassle of receipts – HSL Business Travel is all your employees need for travelling during the workday

HSL Business Travel is a new product that your employees can use to purchase HSL public transport tickets for the journeys they need to make during the workday, with all costs invoiced directly to the company. Say goodbye to complicated expense reimbursement invoices!

HSL-työasiointimatkat. Ruksi kuittien päällä ja HSL-sovellus auki puhelimessa.

Employees often need to travel during the day as part of their work duties. With HSL Business Travel, your employees can easily take care of their daily tasks that involve travelling without having to deal with the hassle of keeping receipts and filling out forms to charge the company for travel expenses.

HSL Business Travel is specifically designed to be used for journeys during the workday.

Using the product is simple: you can freely choose the amount that you wish to issue to your employee, after which they can use it to purchase the tickets they need. It doesn’t matter if your employees need to travel on a regular basis or only occasionally during the workday – they can always purchase the most suitable tickets. We will send you one invoice every month that covers the cost of the tickets your employees have purchased.

The benefit for the employee is clear: public transport is often the easiest and fastest way to move around, especially in an urban environment where public transport services are frequent. In addition, employees using public transport for work-related travel no longer have to worry about finding a parking space or paying for parking fees.

How to start using HSL Business Travel

Start by visiting the HSL Business Portal. All you need are the email addresses of your employees. Next, you can freely determine the amount you wish to issue to your employees. Using the HSL app, your employees can immediately activate the amount you have issued to purchase tickets. We will send you one invoice every month covering the cost of all the tickets your personnel have purchased.

The HSL Business Portal keeps you on track of all the tickets your employees buy and gives you access to useful information for reporting purposes.

Say goodbye to the hassle of receipts with HSL Business Travel!

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