Free public transport ticket for HJK match ticket holders

HJK will offer a free AB ticket to all football fans who have bought a ticket to an HJK match in advance. The arrangement is part of our new partnership with HJK.

We have entered into a one-year-long cooperation agreement with HJK. The agreement centers around environmental responsibility and the improvement of customer experience. 

– HSL public transport and HJK matches make for a great combination. Public transport is an easy and responsible way for fans to travel to the matches. In addition, by selecting public transportation, fans don’t have to worry about finding a parking spot and can give their full attention to the match. It is our goal to build partnerships that bring additional value for those travelling in the Helsinki metropolitan area. Our partnership with HJK is a great example of the work we do to further this goal," says Tapio Salomaa, Head of the Corporate Sales & Partnerships Unit at HSL.

During season 2023, HJK will provide all season ticket holders and those who have purchased a match ticket in advance with a free AB ticket on HSL public transport that can be used to travel to the Bolt Arena to watch HJK’s home matches. HJK hopes that a free public transport ticket will make it easier for fans to travel to the stadium. Furthermore, HJK wants to encourage everyone to use public transport when attending HJK’s matches. Our new partnership will bring these two important themes together.

– HJK is both a value leader and a forerunner in Finnish football. HSL makes for a great partner and we want to give them a warm welcome to the club family. We are aware of the challenging situation regarding parking in Töölö. This is why we wish to encourage people to choose environmentally friendly options and travel to the Bolt Arena by public transport. Effective traffic arrangements will also improve the customer experience,” says Esko Villman, Sales Director at HJK.

Those who attended Antti Tuisku’s Bailantai concerts at the Olympic Stadium last fall were also provided with a similar offer.

In addition to the ticket cooperation, our partnership with HJK covers other areas as well. We will provide you with more information on the partnership later in the spring and summer.

– Let’s all choose a responsible means to travel to the matches!

More detailed information on how to use free AB tickets is available in HJK's website (in Finnish).

Yhteistyössä HJK ja HSL