Multi-journey ticket to become available on the HSL app during next week

From this day forward, the multi-journey ticket will be available for test use on the HSL app. The multi-journey ticket will become available on the app in connection with a version update. Starting today, the latest version of the app will be made gradually available for users via the app store. In about a week or so, the latest version will be available for everyone. In order to be able to purchase multi-journey tickets, you must update the HSL app by downloading the latest version from the app store.

One multi-journey ticket includes either 10 or 20 single tickets that cost less than what you would have to pay when purchasing single tickets separately. By purchasing a multi-journey ticket, you can get either 10 single tickets for the price of nine or 20 single tickets for the price of 17.

For example, one AB ticket included in a 10-journey ticket costs EUR 2.79, whereas the cost of one single ticket purchased separately is EUR 3.10. One AB ticket included in a 20-journey ticket costs EUR 2.64.

During the pilot phase, the multi-journey tickets can be purchased only via the HSL app. The multi-journey ticket is personal, meaning that you can purchase it only for your own use. The multi-journey ticket is available only for adults. The 10-journey ticket is valid for 30 days and the 20-journey ticket 60 days from the moment of purchase. 

The multi-journey ticket is an answer to people’s changed travel needs. It is a great choice for those who spend part of the week working remotely as well for journeys made in the spare time. The multi-journey ticket is a more affordable option than buying single tickets separately for irregular but frequently repeated journeys.

The pilot phase will last for no longer than six months, during which time we will follow how passengers use the tickets. It is also possible that we will make changes to the terms and conditions during the pilot phase. Later in the autumn, we will review the results of the pilot and make a decision on whether to continue to offer the multi-journey ticket.

How to update the HSL app to the latest version

If you have enabled automatic updates for the apps you use, you do not need to do anything. However, if you need to update your app, you can do it by visiting either Google Play, App Store or App Gallery:

Google Play

Apple App Store

Huawei AppGallery