Remember to participate in 2023 Travel Survey

We have already sent the first invitations to Travel Survey 2023. The purpose of the survey is to examine the daily journeys of Helsinki region residents: where people travel from and to and which modes of transport they use. If you have received an invitation to take part in the survey, we hope that you will be able to participate. The survey provides valuable information about people’s travel habits to support traffic-related decision-making and plans.

The Travel Survey 2023 conducted jointly by HSL and the Helsinki region municipalities is underway. If invited, we hope for your active participation.

The Travel Survey provides us with information on where people of various ages in the Helsinki region travel from and to and which modes of transport they use. Since we are interested in all modes of transport, we hope that also those not using public transport participate in the survey. Consequently, it is important that all those invited to the survey respond, whether they travel by car, public transport, bicycle, foot or even if they do not travel at all.

The information will be used as a basis for traffic planning and decisions regarding traffic policies. The survey results will provide essential information for the preparation of the Helsinki Region Transport System Plan, as well as for the management and development of traffic forecast models. The only way to obtain an overall view of how people travel in the Helsinki region is to conduct an extensive sample survey.

We will randomly send invitations to nearly 42,000 Helsinki residents aged over 7 years. We have already sent out the first survey invitations.

The respondents are requested to fill in a travel diary recording the journeys they make during their predetermined survey day. In addition, the respondents are asked questions about their travel habits in general as well as a number of background questions.

We would like to thank everyone taking part in the survey already in advance! The results of the survey will be published on HSL’s website during 2024.

Only those invited to the survey can respond

The survey is mainly conducted online, but respondents over 70 years of age will be interviewed by phone. In addition, children aged 7 years and above will also be invited. Children can respond independently or with the help of a parent.

As the Travel Survey is a statistical survey, with respondents selected randomly to represent the residents of the municipalities participating in the survey, only those invited to the survey can respond. We will send out invitations every week until November.

All respondents will be entered into a draw for three grocery store gift cards worth 500 euro.

Travel Surveys are conducted about every five years. The previous Travel Survey was conducted in 2018.

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