Car Free Day 22 September: a good opportunity to try public transport

Car Free Day is held on Friday 22 September as part of the European Mobility Week. VR and HSL encourage motorists to use environmentally friendly public transport.

“Travelling by train or other modes of public transport is always an action for the climate. It is also often more economical than using your car. By using Park & Ride, people living further away can also take advantage of the frequently running and punctual commuter train services and save both travel time and money,” says Anu Punola, Director of Commuter Services at VR.

In their European Mobility Week campaign, VR and HSL showcase 100 reasons to leave the car at home. One of them is punctuality: when travelling by train, there is no risk of getting stuck in a traffic jam and you’ll get to your destination on time.

Punctuality of HSL commuter train services top notch this year

There are about 4,500 weekly commuter train services in the HSL area. This year, their punctuality has been excellent. The average delay time in January–August was 33 seconds. In August, the average delay was 21.6 seconds.

“This is the best punctuality figure ever measured for HSL commuter train services. When choosing the train as their mode of transport, passengers can count on reaching their destination on time,” says Tuomo Lankinen, Head of the Train Services Unit at HSL.

VR’s goal for HSL commuter train services is an average delay of under 36.6 seconds. Punctuality is measured at destination stations and at certain intermediate stations: Tikkurila, Vantaankoski and Leppävaara.