Sale of multi-user HSL cards to end by the end of 2023

Multi-user HSL cards are travel cards that are sold by various kiosks and shops. They are well-suited for joint use for companies, families and out-of-towners, as the card can be used by anyone who belongs to the same customer group, i.e. adults or children. The sale of these cards will end on 31 December 2023, but the cards can be topped up and used as usual.

From 1 January 2024, new HSL cards will be sold only at service points as personal HSL cards. A card charge of 5 euros is charged for a new card.
Contact details of service points

Tickets without service fees

You can buy and use tickets with the HSL app that you can download to your smartphone from your application store free of charge. Read more about the HSL app

In addition, you can order a personal HSL card online by using the HSL card service. You can also use the online service to buy a season ticket on your HSL card or top up the card with value without a service fee.