Prices of two-zone tickets to fall and other changes from the beginning of 2024

The prices of two-zone tickets will fall at the beginning of next year. There will be no price increases. The penalty fare will increase to EUR 100 and multi-journey tickets will become part of HSL’s regular selection of tickets. There will be route and timetable changes to some bus services.

The prices of AB, BC and CD tickets will fall

From 1 January 2024, adult AB single tickets will cost EUR 2.95 and 30-day AB season tickets will cost EUR 66.60. In 2023, the corresponding prices were EUR 3.10 and EUR 70.60.

An auto-renewing saver subscription is still the most economical option. For example, a 30-day AB season ticket will cost EUR 55.50 (EUR 58.80 in 2023). An auto-renewing saver subscription runs for 360 days. With the subscription, you get 12 months of travel for the price of 10. The ticket is charged to your debit/credit card every month. Read more

None of HSL’s ticket prices will rise at the beginning of 2024. For example, the price of an adult 30-day ABC season ticket will remain at EUR 99.40 or EUR 82.80 as an auto-renewing saver subscription.

Multi-journey tickets permanently included in the ticket selection

Multi-journey tickets will be included in HSL’s regular selection of tickets. There are multi-journey tickets of 10 or 20 journeys. The price per journey is lower than buying individual single tickets. The prices of two-zone multi-journey tickets will fall at the beginning of next year: a 10-journey AB ticket will cost EUR 26.55 (EUR 2.66/ticket) and a 20-journey AB ticket will cost EUR 50.15 (EUR 2.51/ticket). More information about multi-journey tickets

Until year end, the new fares are listed in a PDF price list at and from 1 January 2024, you can see the fares at

Penalty fare to increase to EUR 100

The penalty fare will increase to EUR 100 from 1 January 2024. The penalty fare on HSL public transport has been EUR 80 since 2007. During this time, the general cost and wage levels have increased significantly, which has decreased the actual size of the penalty fare. As a result, the penalty fare no longer has the same effect as it did before.

Sale of multi-user HSL cards to end

The sale of multi-user HSL cards will end on 31 December 2023. Multi-user cards have been available from kiosks and various shops. Previously purchased multi-user cards can be used as before.

You can also buy single tickets conveniently with the HSL app on your smartphone. You can download the app from your app store free of charge More information about the HSL app.

If you prefer to use the HSL card, it is advisable that you replace your multi-user card with a personal HSL card available from service points or via the online HSL card service.

Changes to routes and timetables

There will be some changes to routes and timetables from 1 January 2024. For detailed information, see route-specific service updates, see the list. In addition, we will improve bus timetables from 8 January. You can read more about improved services here: