Take our survey and share your views on the safety of HSL public transport

It is of utmost importance to us that everyone feels safe when travelling on public transport. In order to ensure this, we need residents to share their experiences on the safety of HSL public transport. For this purpose, we have created a survey titled "Perceived safety on HSL public transport".

The purpose of the survey is to gain a deeper understanding on how residents perceive safety on public transport and to identify the needs they have regarding safety. We hope that both users of public transport and those who do not use public transport take the survey.

The survey gives respondents an opportunity to share their and their family members’ experiences on public transport from the viewpoint of safety. Furthermore, the survey also includes questions on how public transport could be improved in terms of safety. Which aspects of public transport are safe and what could be improved? Is there an area that is deemed more unsafe than others?

The survey is open until 21 December 2023. You can take the survey in Finnish, Swedish and English. The survey takes about 10 minutes to complete. The survey is part of a Master's thesis by Aleksi Friberg, who is completing a Master's Programme in Security and Safety Management at Tampere University.

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