We are investing in improving services in 2024

In 2024 our goal is to increase passenger numbers. In addition to reducing the prices of two-zone tickets from the start of 2024, we will improve services on many bus routes. The first improvements will take effect from 8 January 2024, with increased service frequency on 14 bus routes.

This is the first time HSL is making significant investments in improving services since the Covid 19 pandemic. We will be investing a total of EUR 6 million in targeted service improvements during 2024.

We are improving services on routes with the biggest ridership growth potential. Improvements are made especially to evening and weekend services and in new, developing neighborhoods. We are also looking to attract new customers by cutting the prices of two-zone tickets from the start of the year.

Our strategic goal is to increase the use of public transport to record levels by 2025, but we also aim to balance our economy and ensure that fare revenue accounts for about 50 percent of our total revenues. Increased passengers numbers would contribute to the achievement of these goals.

The service improvements from 8 January 2024 will affect, in particular, Pohjois-Pasila, Postipuisto and Suurpelto in Espoo, but there will also be improvements in other areas. Later in the year, we will improve train and tram schedules and services on many other bus routes.

Read more about the changes at https://www.hsl.fi/en/hsl/improvements-to-services