Check the carbon emissions of your journey in the Journey Planner

You can now compare the carbon emissions of your routes in HSL’s Journey Planner. The emissions are shown in green above the route suggestions. The emissions are determined separately for each route based on the vehicle type of the mode of transport and the average emissions it produces.

“Public transport, walking and cycling are sustainable modes of transport. The easier it is to make sustainable choices in everyday life, the better. The emission data provided in the Journey Planner allows people to choose the modes of transport with the lowest emission for their journeys," says Joona Packalén, Passenger Information Manager at HSL.

Our goal in the short-term is to reduce carbon emissions from public transport in the HSL area by more than 90 per cent by 2025 compared to 2010. By 2035, the goal is zero-emission public transport.

The electricity used to power the metro, trams, commuter trains and buses is fossil-free. At the beginning of November 2023, there were more than 430 electric buses in service. This accounts for over 30 percent of HSL’s bus services. Every year, we also grant an environmental bonus to bus operators. The bonus has contributed to a significant reduction in the emissions from HSL bus services. For example, in 2023, almost 8.5 million liters of biodiesel were purchased for bus services.

How are CO2 emissions calculated?

CO2 emissions are calculated taking into account the type of vehicle used, the length of the journey, and the CO2 emissions of the mode of transport divided by the average number of passengers on HSL transport services.

Is the CO2 data available for all routes?

The CO2 emissions data is available for most routes. Currently, the data is not available for the Suomenlinna ferry because in maritime traffic, emissions are not recorded in the same way as on other modes of transport.

From which sources is the CO2 data collected?

The CO2 data is based on vehicle type data and the energy procured. For example, trains, trams, the metro and electric buses are local emission-free.

Can I see CO2 emission data for different times of the year or different times of the day?

The CO2 data are averages. They do not vary between days, seasons or routes.