Public transport customer satisfaction surveyed using a new method

HSL’s public transport customer satisfaction survey launched on 8 January 2024. The survey will run until May.

We are surveying customer satisfaction on trains, the metro and trams by sending push notifications to passengers via the HSL app during their journey. Passengers can complete the survey by their phones using the survey link provided in the push notification. On buses, survey cards with QR codes are handed out to passengers, who can then complete the survey by their phones using the QR code. Taloustutkimus Oy is responsible for conducting the survey on buses.

This year, we are running the survey digitally for the first time, which enables real-time monitoring of results. This means we no longer user paper forms.

Customer satisfaction surveys run year round. By completing the survey, passengers can contribute to improving public transport services. The survey results are also used for staff training and calculating quality incentives for tendered services.

The survey results will be available in HSL’s open online database Asty Web.