Improvements to train and bus services from 2 April

Our next service improvements planned for 2024 will take effect on 2 April. The service frequency of A trains will increase and Coastal Line trains will start running more frequently late in the evening and at night. In addition, two bus routes will start weekend service.

The improvements are part of the service improvements we have planned for 2024, to increase public transport passenger numbers. We are targeting service improvements where they are needed according to our analysis.

The following changes will take effect on 2 April:

  • The service frequency of A trains will increase to 10 minutes during weekday daytime and to 20 minutes on weekends.
  • E and L train services will improve especially in the early morning, late evening and at night.
  • X trains will be turned into Y trains, and train journeys between Helsinki and Siuntio will become faster.
  • I and P trains will run every 10 minutes for longer every day between Helsinki, Myyrmäki and Helsinki Airport. However, between Helsinki, Tikkurila and Helsinki Airport as well as on the main line between Helsinki and Kerava, services will be reduced due to track work.
  • Buses 643K and 711K will start running on weekends.

Read more about the changes here