Discount on city bike passes for holders of VR train tickets

In addition to day passes, train passengers can also get a discount on week passes for HSL city bikes this summer. By purchasing a VR train ticket, you will get 20% off on a day pass and 25% off on a week pass for city bikes in Helsinki and Espoo.

The reduced price for a day pass for holders of a VR train ticket is €4 (normal price €5) and for a week pass €7.50 (normal price €10). The offer covers the entire city bike area in Helsinki and Espoo.

You will get a promo code when you buy a ticket via the VR Matkalla app for a train journey which starts or ends at a train station within the city bike area. These stations comprise all train stations in Helsinki and the stations in Leppävaara and Mäkkylä in Espoo.

“The discount that we offered last year yielded good results. It is a great way to market the service to those customers who occasionally travel to the city bike area by train. We have now expanded the offer so that train passengers have the opportunity to use the bikes for a whole week”, says Samuli Mäkinen, an expert in sustainable travel at HSL.

The ride time for the city bikes in Helsinki and Espoo has been increased from 30 to 60 minutes. The day and week passes entitle you to an unlimited number of 60-minute bike rides during a 24-hour period. If you use a bike for more than 60 minutes at a time, you will be charged one euro for each additional 30 minutes. There are nearly 4,600 bikes and 460 bike stations in Helsinki and Espoo.

“The extensive network of city bikes and stations makes it simple to combine cycling with train journeys. We are thrilled to be able to offer our customers a discount on city bikes. The city bike stations in Helsinki and Espoo are located right next to train stations, which means that passengers do not need to worry about transporting their own bike on the train or where to store the bike once they have reached their destination,” says Marika Schugk, Director of Digital Services at VR.

The offer is valid until the end of the city bike season, that is, until 31 October. You can activate the discount code and buy a pass on our city bike page. The page also contains instructions on how to use the bikes. You can find more information on the discount on city bikes for train passengers on VR’s website.