Sale of multi-user HSL cards ended on 31 December 2023

The sale of multi-user HSL cards ended on 31 December 2023, but cards that were purchased before said date can be topped up and used as usual. You can find other options for travelling in the HSL Business Portal.

Other options for travelling include, for instance, the entirely digital mobility budget and ticket codes. Visit the HSL Business Portal to read more about these options.

You can freely choose an amount of budget you wish to issue to your employees. The employees then use the amount to purchase the tickets they need for their work-related travelling via the HSL app. The price of the tickets the employees purchase will be invoiced directly to the employer. Sounds easy, does it not?
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You can purchase single-use ticket codes that allow the recipient to redeem a single or day ticket using the HSL app. Ticket codes are invoiced according to the normal price list.
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