Switch to summer timetables and changes to bus routes on 17 June

HSL’s public transport services will switch to summer timetables
on Monday 17 June. Summer timetables are already available in the
Journey Planner. Remember to enter a search date that falls within
the summer season. Also printable
PDF timetables and links to the summer
timetables are already available at hsl.fi.

This summer HSL does not publish summer timetable booklets as
the summer timetables will only operate for eight weeks. An
increasing number of passengers are using online and mobile service
to access timetable information. 
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A number of route changes will also take effect on Monday 17

Changes in Helsinki

39B, 67V, 71V, 91, 91K and
94V do not operate between 17 June and 11

The route of bus
20N changes in the direction of the city
center.  The bus is rerouted to run along Bulevardi instead on

Route change on map

Jouko route J70 is rerouted in Tapaninvainio to
run along Karhusuontie, Hallatie, Uimarannantie and
Tapaninvainiontie. The bus no longer runs along Pohjanpellontie,
Santerlantie and Kirkonkyläntie.

Route change on map

In Haaga, the pair of bus stops by Ilkantie 11 (stops 1652 and
1653) are removed from service. The stops have been used by buses
40, 43, 52 and

Changes in Espoo

23 and
23N are rerouted in Friisinmäki to run from
Impilahdentie via Masalantie to Friisinmäentie. A new connection
has been constructed between Masalantie and Friisinmäentie and the
current connection from Pikkalantie will be closed to traffic. Two
pairs of bus stops located on Pikkalantie are removed from service;
a new pair of stops is opened on Masalantie.

Route change on map

20, 70 and
71 do not operate in summer.

Changes in Vantaa

The following bus stops are removed from service:

V1729 “Metsikkötie” on Kivimäentie in Martinlaakso

V6210 “Satopolku” on Urheilutie in Tikkurila

V8209 “Saturnuksenkuja” on Kaakkoisväylä in Mikkola (Korso)

37, 38, 44, 54, 57, 60, 73, 75 and
88 do not operate in summer.

There are changes to bus departure bays in

See map

Changes to regional bus routes

U637 (Kamppi–Maantiekylä–(Hyrylä)/Kerava) is
renumbered in the direction of Kerava
U638 because there is another route numbered 637
running to Nurmijärvi.

The departure bay of bus
934 in Martinlaakso changes: the bus leaves from
bay 4 instead of bay 2.