Changes to bus stops at Kannelmäki station 11 – 17 July

There will be changes to traffic arrangements around the
Kannelmäki station due to track work on the Vantaankoski line. The
section of road under the railway bridge will be closed to traffic
from 11 to 17 July and the stops of buses 42 and 56 will be
temporarily relocated. The temporary stops are located on
Soittajantie. Also bus 48, which substitutes the trains during the
break, will leave from Soittajantie.

The terminus of bus
42 in Kannelmäki is the Trumpettitie stop 1692 on
Soittajantie. The bus will leave from stop 1693, also called
“Trumpettitie”, located on Soittajantie. 
The terminus of bus
56 in Kannelmäki is the Trumpettitie stop 1693 on
Soittajantie. The bus will leave from stop 1692 located on
48, which substitutes the M train service, will
leave from the Trumpettitie bus stop 1692 on Soittajantie.  


 Bus stops on map

M trains substituted by buses between Pohjoi—Haaga and

There will be no train service between Pohjois-Haaga and
Vantaankoski 11 – 17 July due to the upgrading of the Vantaankoski
rail line. Trains will be substituted by buses:

Route 499 Pohjois-Haaga station–Myyrmäki–Vantaankoski
Route 48 Pohjois-Haaga station (Kaupintie)–Kannelmäki
Route 49 Pohjois-Haaga station–Malminkartano

During the break in train service, bus 48 will serve between
Kannelmäki and Pohjois-Haaga station. At the station passengers
going to Helsinki can change to M train. Bus 42 goes to Kamppi and
bus 43 to Elielinaukio. 

The crosstown route 56 runs via Käpylä railway station to
Kalasatama metro station.

As there will be no road access along the rail line, northbound
journeys from Kannelmäki will be somewhat difficult. For example,
passengers going to Myyrmäki need to change from 48 to bus 499 at
the Pohjois-Haaga station.Alternatively, buses 452, 453, 516 and
435 run in the direction of Myyrmäki and Martinlaakso from