N trains do not stop between Tikkurila and Kerava on three summer weekends

N trains to Kerava will not stop at Hiekkaharju, Koivukylä,
Rekola, Korso and Savio on three weekends due to track work:

• Saturday 20 July 7pm-11pm and Sunday 21 July 10am-11pm

• Saturday 27 July 7pm-11pm and Sunday 28 July 10am-11pm

• Saturday 3 August 7pm-11pm and Sunday 4 August 10am-11pm


Passengers wanting to travel
to the stations between Tikkurila and Korso can change to
bus in Tikkurila

70 Tikkurila–Hiekkaharju–Koivukylä–Peijas–Korso–Mikkola

72 Tikkurila–Koivukylä–Rekola–Korso–Kulomäki

Timetable of route 70

Timetable of route 72

Buses 70 and 72 will have some additional services
from Tikkurila in addition to the normal services.

Additional services from Tikkurila:

Saturdays 20 and 27 July and 3 August

72    22.28

72    22.58

Sundays 21 and 28 July and 4 August

70      7.58

70    22.28

72    22.43

72    22.58

If you are going to Koivukylä or Peijas, you can also take bus


71 Tikkurila–Koivukylä–Peijas–...

Bus stops on map

 Tikkurila station

 Koivukylä station

 Rekola station

 Korso station

 Savio station

It is also possible to travel
to the stations between Tikkurila and Kerava from the
direction of Helsinki by N train via Kerava
. N trains from
Kerava to Helsinki will stop at all stations as usual. During the
track work, regional tickets valid until Vantaa can temporarily be
used for traveling via Kerava.