The terminus of bus 78 moves to Ala-Malmi

The terminus of bus 78 will move to Ala-Malmin tori platform 21 on Monday 9 September. The bus cannot use its terminus by Maria Hospital due to construction work. The temporary arrangement is estimated to remain in place until the end of 2013.

The bus will not serve the Maria Hospital and Kirkonkyläntie bus stops, including the Malmi bus terminal. Buses 519, 520 and 554 run to Itäkeskus from these stops. Passengers can transfer to the eastbound bus 78 at the Ala-Malmi bus stop 3253 located on Latokartanontie.

Bus 78 will run to the Ala-Malmin tori terminus via Vilppulantie and Hietakummuntie. In the direction of Vuosaari, the bus will run along Malminkaari and Malmin asematie. The bus will leave from Ala-Malmi 1-2 minutes later so that the passing times at other stops along the route will remain the same as before.

 Route of bus 78 in Malmi as of 9 September 2013