Changes to the arrival and departure platforms of A, M and L trains 27 October

A, M and L commuter trains will switch from right to left-hand side traffic on Sunday 27 October. The switch will cause changes to the arrival and departure platforms of the trains. The switch is related to the introduction of the Ring Rail Line in summer 2015.

At stations with a so called middle platform, the change is small. The trains will depart from the left-hand side of the platform in the direction of travel. At stations with side platforms, passengers need to choose the right platform before going to the platform. Check the departure board for platform information.

The changes will come into effect on Sunday morning 27 October. The first trains to run on the left-hand side will be the M train from Helsinki at 6.04 a.m. and M train from Vantaankoski at 6.02 a.m. as well as L train from Helsinki at 6.08 a.m. and L train from Kirkkonummi at 6.02 a.m.

For L trains, the tracks will change between Helsinki and Leppävaara.

VR’s guides will be guiding passengers to the new departure platforms at the Pohjois-Haaga, Kannelmäki, Malminkartano and Myyrmäki stations on Sunday 27 October and Monday 28 October.

As the Ring Rail Line will connect the main line and the Vantaankoski line, the trains must run on the same side on both lines. At the moment, commuter trains runs on the left-hand side on the main line, i.e. between Helsinki and Kerava, while on the Vantaankoski line they run on the right-hand side.