Tram 10 replaced by bus between Kuusitie and Pikku Huopalahti on 29 October

On Tuesday 29 October, tram 10 will be replaced by bus 10X between Kuusitie and Pikku Huopalahti due to track work carried out at the Korppaanmäki terminus of the tram. The tram will turn back towards the city center at the Kuusitie roundabout. The bus 10X will operate at the same intervals as the tram 10 .

 Timetable for bus 10X

The bus will run from Kuusitie along Mannerheimintie and Vihdintie to Pikku Huopalahti, which means there will be no service from the Korppaanmäentie stops in the direction of the Pikku Huopalahti terminus. In the direction of Kuusitie, the bus 10X will run via Korppaanmäentie stopping at all tram stops along the street. Otherwise the bus will stop at bus stops. The Tilkka tram stops on Mannerheimintie will be out of use.

The bus 10X will leave from a temporary stop next to the Kuusitie roundabout close to the tram stop. In Pikku Huopalahti, the bus will have a temporary departure stop on Korppaanmäentie opposite the tram terminus.

On Kuusitie, the tram 10 will not be able to use its normal stop in the direction of the city center. Instead, the tram will leave from the opposite stop located before the Kuusitie roundabout.

The diversion will remain in place for the whole day.

Route of bus 10X replacing tram 10

bussin 10X reittikartta