Jouko routes replaced by new neighborhood routes

The Jouko routes operating in Helsinki will be replaced by new neighborhood routes at the beginning of 2014. The new routes will operate in the same areas and mainly provide the same connections as the current Jouko routes. On some routes the number of departures will be increased and the operating hours will be extended.

Route J37 is replaced by a new regional service 237 and its route is extended to Mäkkylä and Leppävaara in the west and to the Pirkkola Sports Park in the east. At the same time, the regional route 231K will be withdrawn and all services will be transferred to the basic route. In addition, the Espoo service route P20 will no longer run via Sotarovastintie in Mäkkylä.

The new routes have frequent stops.   and they are operated with minibuses that can, in addition to designated bus stops, stop anywhere along the route, within traffic regulations.

The same tickets are valid on the new routes as on other HSL’s services. You can also transfer from the new routes to other routes within the 60 minute transfer time.

In Lauttasaari, the Jouko routes J20 and J21 will be withdrawn and they will not be replaced by new routes. Lauttasaari is served by routes 20, 21v, 65A and 66A and the Jouko routes have had a very low number of passengers.

HSL has published brochures for the new routes in Finnish/Swedish; they are available, for example, at the HSL service points at the Central Railway Station and in Itäkeskus as well as on the Jouko buses.

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