Terminus of route 78 moves back to Malmi Hospital

The terminus of route 78 will move from Ala-Malmin tori back to the Malmi Hospital on 1 January 2014. The bus will again stop at the Malmi station, Malmin tori and Malmi Hospital bus stops located on Kirkonkyläntie.

The bus will run along Kirkonkyläntie and Talvelantie to the terminus and from where it continues via Malmin sairaalakatu to Kirkonkyläntie.   

The temporary terminus at Ala-Malmin tori and the Paavolantie bus stop on Vilppulantie will be closed.

The changes will take effect in the morning of 1 January 2014

Route of bus 78 in Malmi as of 1 January 2014