Night metro not running on the night of 24/25 May

There will be no extended night service on the Metro on the night of Saturday 25 May to Sunday 25 May. There will be additional bus services to east Helsinki. On Saturday, the last Metro services will run to normal weekday timetables.

The break in the night Metro service is due to works on traffic control system related to the expansion of the Metro depot.

Additional eastbound bus services on the Sat/Sun night:

90N: From Rautatientori: at 0.20am, 0.50am and 1.20am
From Kallvikintie at 0.58am

92N: From Rautatientori at 11.58pm, 0.38am and 1.18am

94N: From Rautatientori at 0.22am and 1.02am
From Kontulankaari at 0.55am

96N: From Rautatientori at 0.10am, 0.40am and 1.10am

97N: From Rautatientori at 11.52pm, 0.32am and 1.12am
From Kotikonnuntie at 0.29am and 1.09am