Changes at Myyrmäki bus terminal on 16 June

There are changes to bus departure bays at the Myyrmäki bus terminal. Bays 1-6 are closed from 16 June to 10 August for repair works. With the exception of bus 452, all buses will be using bays 7-10 located along Jönsaksentie.

Bus departure bays in Myyrmäki 16 June – 10 August

Bussien lähtölaiturit Myyrmäessä 16.6. - 10.8.2014

In the direction of Myyrmäki, buses 43, 45, 52, 53 and 56 will continue from the Myyrmäki bus terminal to their terminus (Honkasuo) on Raappavuorentie.

Buses 50 and 510B will, in the direction of Myyrmäki, run along Rajatorpantie, Raappavuorentie and Vaskivuorentie to the Pyörrekuja bus stop (V1522), which will be their terminus. When leaving from the Pyörrekuja stop, the buses will run along Vaskivuorentie, Jönsaksentie and Rajatorpantie to the Myyrmäki terminal, bus 50 (to Tikkurila) to bay 8 and bus 510B (to Leppävaara) to bay 7.

  (43, 45, 52, 53 and 56 as well as 50 and 510B)

The scheduled departure times of buses 43, 45, 50, 52, 53, 56 and 510B from the “Myyrmäki” terminus are the departure times from the new termini (Raappavuorentie/Honkasuo, Pyörrekuja). The buses will arrive at bays 7-10 at the Myyrmäki terminal 1-3 minutes later depending on traffic conditions.

Terminus of route 452 at Raappavuorentie turnaround 16 June – 10 August

Regional route 452 (Helsinki–Myyrmäki) will run directly along Raappavuorentie to the Raappavuorentie turnaround.  

The bus will not serve Rajatorpantie and Jönsaksentie.

Bussi 452 poikkeusreitti Myyrmäessä 16.6. - 10.8.2014