Additional transport services after Cheek conserts 22-23 August

HSL will provide additional bus and tram services after Cheek conserts at the Olympic Stadium on Friday 22 August and on Saturday 23 August. The additional services will operate from about 11.30pm.

Additional bus services

39N Asema-aukio – Malminkartano at 11.55pm and 0.15am
58X Jäähalli (Helsinki Ice Hall) - Itäkeskus at 11.25pm, 11.45pm, 0.05am, 0.25am, 0.45am and 1.05am
69 Aurora Hospital – Malmi at 11.40pm and 0.10am

In addition, there will be two extra service on route 43 to Hakuninmaa, on route 270N till Kuurinniitty and on route 452 to Myyrmäki. These services will leave from the Töölön kisahalli bus stop (1913) on Mannerheimintie once the conserts are over. Additional services will be provided also on the following routes (one service on each route):

40 Töölön kisahalli (Töölo Sports Hall) – Pohjois-Haaga station
63 Töölön kisahalli – Paloheinä
195N Töölön kisahalli – Latokaski
231 Töölön kisahalli – Hämevaara
248A Töölön kisahalli – Jupperi
315 Töölön kisahalli – Vanhakartano
363 Töölön kisahalli – Vantaankoski
453 Töölön kisahalli – Martinlaakso

Additional tram service

Tram 8X will leave at about 11.45pm from the Ooppera tram stop (0241) on Mannerheimintie and run to Paavalin kirkko. Tram 10X will leave at the same time from the Ooppera tram stop (0108) and run to Kolmikulma. If need be, the both trams will run another round.