Additional transport services after Flow Festival

HSL will provide additional bus services on the night of Friday 8 August to Saturday 9 August and on the night of Saturday 9 August to Sunday 10 August after Flow Festival in Suvilahti.

85N Rautatientori – Jollas / 3:00am and 4:20am
90N Rautatientori – Vuosaari (Kallvikintie) / 2:00am, 3:20am and 3:43am
92N Rautatientori – Kontula (Keinutie) / 2:10am and 4:28am
94N Rautatientori – Kontulankaari / 2:10am, 2:50am, 3:20am, 3:35am and 4:05am
94N Kontulankaari – Rautatieasema / 2:00am
96N Rautatientori – Vuosaari (Porslahdentie) / 2:10am, 3:10am and 4:20am
96N Vuosaari (Porslahdentie) – Rautatientori / 1:08am
97N Mellunmäki (M) – Rautatientori / 1:15am

Last Metro services

The last Metro services on the night of Friday to Saturday and on the night of Saturday to Sunday will run from Sörnäinen metrostation to Ruoholoahti at 1.21am, to Vuosaari at 1.22am and to Mellunmäki at 1.32am.