Bus and train services when switching to winter time

Finland will switch to winter time during the night between next Saturday and Sunday. Clocks are turned back one hour on 26 October at 4am.The Saturday service will run on summer time, i.e. also early morning services will run on summer time.

Beginning from Sunday morning service, transport services will operate on winter time. The night fare is likewise in use according to summer time.

The following services will run on both summer and winter time:

Vantaa internal route 61 at 3.11am and 3.41am from Tikkurila and at 3.10am and 3.40am from the airport

Vantaa internal route 62 at 3.10am from Mellunmäki and at 3.10am and 3.40am from Tikkurila

Regional route 620 at 3.10am and 3.40am from the Central Railway Station (Rautatientori) and at 3.25am and 3.55am from the airport

Route 633N at 4.14am from Rautatientori

The following services will run on winter time:

Route U280 at 4am from Helsinki to Veikkola (-Nummela-Lohja) will only run on winter time.

Commuter trains will leave from their departure stations according to summer time until 4am. T train from Helsinki to Riihimäki at 4.01am will leave from Helsinki according to winter time at 3.01am. There is no train at 4.01am winter time.