HSL improves bus connections in Kirkkonummi as of 13 October

There will be changes to bus services in Kirkkonummi on 13 October. The changes are made to improve in particular bus links to schools on the basis of feedback from residents. In addition, a new morning service from Kirkkonummi to Helsinki is added for commuters. Almost all bus schedules in Kirkkonummi will change.

A new route 901K is introduced to serve the Winellska school. The route provides a direct bus link from Hirsala and Långvik to the Winellska school. The schedules are planned to serve pupils.

On route 902, the new schedules shorten waiting times on school journeys from the direction of Porkkala.  The schedules also take into account the work shifts at the Pikkala factory.

Schedules of buses 901, 902 and 903 as of 13 October 2014

There are changes to the schedules of routes 906 and 909. A new route 909K is introduced; the bus calls at the Sjökulla school. Afternoon services on route 906 from Kauhala to Luoma are discontinued. 

On route 907, the afternoon services from Kirkkonummi station start to leave five minutes later to make it easier for pupils from schools at the center to use the services. 

A new route 908K calls at the Sjökulla school and runs from Vols along Gesterbyntie to Kirkkonummi. The changes to the schedules shorten the waiting times at schools.

Schedules of routes 906, 907, 908 and 909 as of 13 October 2014

The schedules of route 911 are changed to improve bus links to schools from Luoma to the town center and Winelska school. Correspondingly, services from the direction of the town center to schools in Masala and Luoma improve.

Schedule of route 911 as of 13 October 2014

The schedules of route 171 are changed so that the 171A services would better serve school journeys.

A new morning service is introduced on route 173 to improve commuter links from Kirkkonummi to Helsinki.

Schedules of routes 171, 172, 173 and 174Z as of 13 October 2014

There are minor changes also to the departure times other bus services running between Helsinki and Kirkkonummi.

The new schedules and routes are available from the Journey Planner. After the changes, the timetable booklet distributed to all households in Kirkkonummi in August is no longer valid.  HSL does not publish a new booklet as more changes may be introduced later.

Changes on 20 October and 10 November

Routes 918 and 919 operated with minibuses will turn into demand-responsive services as of 20 October. The service areas and days will remain unchanged. The demand-responsive routes are booked by calling HSL Travel Information on (09) 4766 4000. You can book a ride using your home address or the address, number or name of a bus stop. A local network charge is charged with no additional call charges.

On route 243, the 2.25pm and 3.25pm services from Espoo will brought forward by five minutes to improve bus links from Kirkkojärvi school to Siikajärvi. The 9.05am service from Veikkola starts to leave 7 minutes later to facilitate transfer from route 28 at the Nupurinristi stop. In addition, the 2.05pm service from Veikkola starts to leave two minutes later and the 4.05pm service is brought forward by five minutes to 4pm.