HSL’s services on All Saints' Day 1 November

On All Saints’ Day, Saturday 1 November, a Sunday service will operate on all Helsinki region transport services. On the night of Saturday/Sunday, buses, the Metro and commuter trains will operate an extended weekend service, i.e. the night services will operate as usual on Saturdays.

Also U line buses will operate a Sunday service but the SS services will not operate.  Some U line buses will have additional services on the Saturday/Sunday night.

Additional bus services on All Saints' Day

Also commuter trains will operate a Sunday service.  I, N, T, H and L trains will have additional services on the Saturday/Sunday night.

Additional train services:

  • I trains from Helsinki at 10.16pm, 10.46pm and 11.16pm
  • I trains from Tikkurila at  11.16pm and 11.46pm
  • N trains from Helsinki at 0.01am, 1.01am, 2.01am and 3.01am
  • N trains from Kerava at 0.45am, 1.45am, 2.45am and 3.45am
  • T trains from Helsinki at 2.31am and 4.01am
  • H train from Riihimäki at 11.14pm
  • T trains from Riihimäki at 0.37am and 1.37am
  • L trains from Helsinki at 2.47am and 3.47am.

Additional services to cemeteries on All Saints’ Day

Bus 24X will run to the Hietaniemi cemetery every 20 minutes from Erottaja 11.22am-4.42pm and from Hietaniemi 11.46am-5.06pm.

Bus 732B will run every 20 minutes from Helsinki to Honkanummi 9.30am-2.50pm, and from Honkanummi to Helsinki 10am-3.20pm.

Vantaa internal route 99 will be running from Ruskeasanta cemetery via Tikkurila and Honkanummi cemetery to Peijas.

Timetable for bus 99

In Espoo, buses 86H from Espoon keskus and bus 96H from Leppävaara operate a normal Sunday service to the Kellonummi cemetery.
Timetable for bus 86H
Timetable for bus 96H