Some bus stops not served in Matinkylä on the nights of 14 and 15 October

The Ring Road III ramp in the direction of Leppävaara and Tapiola will be closed for pavement work from 9pm to 6am on 14 October.

On bus route 3, the 5.22am service from Kivenlahti will run from Länsiväylältä directly to Ring Road Kehä II:lle. The bus will not serve the Gräsänojansilta E3226 bus stop on the ramp.

Bus 11 will run from Piispansilta directly to Kuitinmäentie. The bus will not serve the Nelikkotie bus stop E3127 and the Matinkallio bus stop E3123 on Nelikkotie as well as the Matinsyrjä bus stop E3131 on Matinkartanontie.

On 15 October the Länsiväylä ramp in the direction of Helsinki will be closed from time to time between 9pm and 6am. The Matinsolmu bus stop E2368 will not be served. 

Bus 132 from Matinkylä to Helsinki and bus 3 from Kivenlahti to Leppävaara will run via the ramp as usual.