Cancellations to train services on the coastal line and Vantaankoski line on Tue 3 March until about 6.30pm

Delays and cancellations to A and M train services continue due to an earlier power outage at the Helsinki rail yard. All E and Y trains are cancelled until about 6.30pm. Commuter train services on the main line are returning to normal.

M trains run every 20 minutes.

  • The trains leave from Helsinki at x.09, x.29 and x.49, i.e. 9, 29 and 49 minutes past the hour.
  • The trains leave from Vantaankoski at x.17, x.37 and x.57

A trains run every 20 minutes.

  • The trains leave from Helsinki at x.04, x.24 and x.44
  • The trains leave from Leppävaara at x.07, x.27 and x.47

E and Y trains are cancelled on Tue 3 March until about 6.30pm.

All U and S train services are operated.