Changes to T and N train services at night due to switch work

Switch works take place between Rekola and Korso over several nights in May and June The works affect train services.

N trains from Helsinki to Kerava, service alterations 30 May – 1 June and 6 - 8 June

On two consecutive weekends, 30 May–1 June and 6–8 June, N trains from Helsinki to Kerava do not stop between Tikkurila and Kerava from 7pm on Saturday to 5.20am on Monday, with the exception of the 3.01am N train from Helsinki that stops at the intermediate stations as usual.

Buses 70, 71 and 72 run to the intermediate stations from Tikkurila. Also the additional bus 70X runs from Tikkurila to Kerava on Sunday nights at 2.30am.It is also possible to travel to the intermediate stations by train via Kerava as N trains from Kerava to Helsinki stop at all stations as usual.

Alterations to T train services 25 – 28 May

T trains from Helsinki at 00.31am and 1.31am and from Riihimäki at 3.41am and 4.14am do not stop between Tikkurila and Kerava on four consecutive nights from 25 to 28 May.

Bus 70X serves the Hiekkaharju, Koivukylä, Rekola, Korso and Savio stations.

Timetable of route 70X:

Departure from Tikkurila Arrival at Kerava
1.00am 1.28am
2.00am 2.28am
Departure from Kerava Arrival at Tikkurila
3.25am 3.53am
3.55am 4.23am
4.55am 5.23am

Route and stops of bus 70X on map 

Timetables and departure stops of bus 70X at the stations