Changes to bus departure bays at Central Railway Station from 15 June

There will be changes to the departure bays of some bus routes at the Central Railway Station from Monday 15 June due to works to widen the platforms.

In the first phase, bays 10, 11 and 12 will be closed. The buses will use the following departure bays:

  • Buses 740, 741 and 742 will leave from bay 5
  • Buses 612, 613, 650, 652 and 700N will leave from bay 6
  • Buses 85N, 86N, 710N, 785, 786, 787 and 788 will leave from bay 8
  • Buses 90A, 90N and 96N will leave from bay 9
  • Buses 730, 731, 732 and 734 will leave from temporary bay 13 located next to the National Theater on Läntinen Teatterikuja.

The first phase of the works will last until Sunday 5 July. There will be other changes when the next phase commences. The Railway Station Square is upgraded in three phases and the works will run until the beginning of August.

Bus departure bays at the Central Railway Station 15 June - 5 July