Changes to feeder bus services in East Helsinki from 10 August

There will be changes to feeder bus services in East Helsinki from 10 August. In Vuosaari and Mellunmäki, the biggest changes are due to the new trunk route 560, which will start operating on 10 August.

Trunk route 560 will create a new transport link from Vuosaari via Malmi station to Myyrmäki. As the route will also provide a feeder link between Rastila and Vuosaari Metro Stations, the routes of several other feeder services will change. You can read more about trunk route 560 here.

Changes to bus routes in Vuosaari

Route 78
From 10 August, the main transport link between East Helsinki and Malmi will be trunk route 560 and the eastern terminus of route 78 will move to Kontula Metro Station. In Malmi, the terminus will move to Ala-Malmin tori. The route will only operate during peak hours.

Linjan 78 uusi reitti 10.8. alkaen

Route 90:
The new route is: Vuosaari Metro Station – Aurinkolahti – Vuosaari Harbor. The new route replaces the discontinued route 78 in Aurinkolahti and the Vuosaari Harbor.

Route 96:
The new route is: Vuosaari Metro Station – Porslahdentie. Meri-Rastilan tie and Leikosaarentie will be served by trunk route 560.

Route 98:
The new route is: Itäkeskus–Marjaniemi–Rastila Metro Station. Trunk route 560 will serve the withdrawn route section between Rastila and Vuosaari Metro Stations.

There are no changes to the routes of night buses 90A, 90N and 96N.

Vuosaaren liityntälinjojen reitit 10.8. alkaen

Route 814:
The bus is rerouted to run via Leikosaarentie when running from Koukkusaarentie to the Vuosaari Metro Station.

Linjan 814 uusi reitti 10.8. alkaen

Changes to other East Helsinki feeder routes

Route 94B:
Route 94B is rerouted to run via Kontulantie and Ring Road I because of the construction work on Kivikko interchange. The bus will resume its normal route in autumn 2016, once the interchange is completed.Linjan 94B uusi reitti 10.8. alkaen

Route 811:
The route is extended from Kontula via Mellunmäki Metro Station to Länsimäki and Rajakylä in Vantaa. There are route changes also in Kontula and Kivikko.

Linjan 811 uusi reitti 10.8. alkaen

Route 818:
The route is extended from Vuosaari Harbor to Mellunmäki Metro Station. The route will thus provide a feeder link from the harbor to the Mellunmäki Metro Station and buses to Vantaa as well as the new trunk route 560.In addition, route 818 will serve the stops not served by trunk route 560 in Fallpakka.

Linjan 818 uusi reitti 10.8. alkaen