Diversions to bus routes due to Tour de Helsinki 30 August

Bus routes 52, 55, 65A and 69 will be diverted on Sunday 30 August from 2pm to 6pm due to Tour de Helsinki cycling event. In addition, there will be disruptions to traffic along the route.

The start and finish are at the Velodrome in Käpylä.The route runs from the Velodrome along Koskelantie and Hakamäentie to Etelä-Haaga, from where the cyclists continue via Pitäjänmäki to Espoo. The cyclist will race to the finish line along Viikintie, Koskelantie, Kalervonkatu, Jyrängöntie and Isoniitynkatu.  

Bus 52 will run in both directions along Kustaa Vaasan tie, Valtimontie, Koskelantie and Kunnalliskodintie. 

Bus 55 will run along Kustaa Vaasan tie and Valtimontie in both directions

Diversion route of bus 52
Diversion route of bus 55 

 Bus 65A will run in both directions along Mäkelänkatu, Pohjolankatu and Kullervonkatu instead of running via Sofianlehto. 
Diversion route of bus 65A 

Bus 69 will run in both directions along Mäkelänkatu and Tuusulanväylä.  The bus will not serve the section of route between Käpyläntie and Kullervonkatu.

Diversion route of bus 69