Changes to bus timetables at the beginning of 2016

There will be changes to some bus timetables at the beginning of 2016. 


The departure times of Vuosaari feeder routes 90 and 96 will change. On night routes 90A, 90N, 96N, the departure times from Vuosaari will change by five minutes. On route 96, a new early morning service will be introduced. 

On route 93K, the  6.25am service from Itäkeskus will be brought forward to 6.20am.

Timetables from 1 Jan 2016:

Linja 90

Linja 90A

Linja 90N

Linja 93

Linja 96

Linja 96 N



The timetables of  route 571, Tikkurila-Varisto, will change. On route 311, Hämeenkylä-Myyrmäki, some services will start operating until Tikkurila under route number 311A. Between Tikkurila and Myyrmäki, bus 311A will use the same route as bus 571. The timetables of buses 571 and 311 will be better synchronized with trains in Myyrmäki.

The timetable of route 335 will change because some services on route 335B will be transfered to the basic route running until Linnainen to provide more frequent service 12pm-3pm also between Myyrmäki and Linnainen.

On route 624, Tikkurila-Päiväkumpu, the first service in the morning from Päiväkumpu will be brought forward by ten minutes. This allows passengers to change to the 5.26m T train at Koivukylä station.

On route 736, Tikkurila-Vierumäki, the first service in the morning from Tikkurila will be brought forward by then minutes. Also departure times from Vierumäki will change.  This allows passengers to change to the 5.22am T train at Korso station. 

There will be minor changes to the timebtables of routes  445, 562, 574, 576, 619, 631, 711, 712 and 735.

The changes aim to improve the reliability of bus services in Vantaa by adjusting the stop-specific times as well as departure times from timing points.


On route 902, Pikkala-Porkkala, the 6.54am service from Porkkala will be brought forward by four minutes to 6.50a. 

On route 903K, Kirkkonummi-Hila, the departure times from Hilasta will be brought forward by five minutes in the morning to ease pupils school journeys to the Winellska School.

On route 908, Kirkkonummi-Kaislampi, the afternoon departure times will change by 20 minutes in both directions to enable pupils to use the route for school journeys between Veikkola and Kaislammi.

On route 171V, Siuntio – Kirkkonummi – Kamppi, buses will start to leave 10 minutes later from Kirkkonummi. The new departure time is 4.25pm. At the same time, the 4.25pm service from Kirkkonummi on route 171 will be withdrawn.

Regional routes

The departure times of routes 731 and 739 from Rautatientori will change. In addition, stop-specific times and departure times from timing points will be adjusted on routes 332, 518, 616, 722 and 724.