Reduced bus services during the school winter break 22 – 26 February

During the school winter break 20 -26 February, the following bus routes will not operate: Helsinki internal route 91, Espoo internal routes 70 and 71, regional route 565B, Vantaa internal routes 573 and 855 as well as Sipoo routes 982, 984, 989, 992, 993 and 994.  

On routes 346, 737, 985, 986, 987 and 996 services marked with a plus (+) will not operate.

Buses may arrive at stops ahead of time due to lower traffic volumes and passenger numbers. The stop-specific timetables show the estimated arrival times of buses based on average journey times.

As the journey times depend on the flow of traffic and possible congestion, buses cannot always arrive at stops as scheduled.

Long routes have timing points at which buses wait if they are running ahead of time.

Helsingin linjaa 91, Espoon linjoja 70 ja 71, seutulinjaa 565B, Vantaan linjoja 573 ja 588 sekä Sipoon linjoja 982, 984, 989, 992, 993 ja 994 ei liikennöidä ollenkaan