Changes to bus stops of bus route 40 in Pohjois-Haaga 12–13 July and 19–20 July

Route 40 will be diverted in Pohjois-Haaga on two weekends in July. The bus will not serve the Lassila bus stop (1623) on Kaupintie nor the Pohjois-Haaga station bus stop (1600) on 12–13 July and 19–20 July.

In the direction of the city center, the bus will leave from the Lassila bus stop 1622 located on Kaupintie. The terminus will also be on Kaupintie, stop 1625 "Näyttelijäntie".

Map showing the stop arrangements of route 40

The arrangements are due to the break in the service of M trains: 12–13 July and 19–20 July M trains will run only between Helsingin and Pohjois-Haaga. Route 40 will be diverted so that the replacement buses 499, 48 and 49 will be able to operate around the Pohjois-Haaga station

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