Routes 77A and 705 diverted in Malmi from 4 April

Helsinki bus routes 77A and 705 will be diverte in Malmi from Monday 4 April because Vilppulantie will be closed to traffic between Soidintie and Teerisuontie until December 2016.

Route 705 will run in both directions via Teerisuontie, Malminkaari and Malmi station.
In the direction of Jakomäki, the bus will not serve the following stops: ”Teerisuontie” (H3375), ”Pekanraitti” (H3459) and Lallintie” (H3461). In the direction of Malmi the bus will not serve the ”Teerisuontie” (H3374), ”Pekanraitti” (H3702) and ”Lallintie” (H3462) bus stops.

Route 77A will run in the direction of Malmi along Teerisuontie, Malminkaari, Soidintie and Vilppulantie. In the direction of Kalteentie, the bus will run along Vilppulantie and Pikkalankatu to Malmi station and continue along Malminkaari and Teerisuontie. In the direction of Malmi and Siltamäki, the bus will not serve the ”Lallintie” (H3462)  bus stop and in the direction of Jakomäentie, the bus will not serve the "Pekanraitti” (H3459) and ”Lallintie” (H3461) bus stops.

Route 77A will serve stops H3447 and H3374 in the direction of Jakomäentie. In the direction of Siltamäki, the replacement stops are H3375 and H3459.