A, L, U and I trains to Helsinki not stopping at Ilmala Sat 13 Aug 10pm - Mon 15 Aug 5am

 A, L, U and I trains in the direction of Helsinki will not stop at Ilmala from Saturday 13 August 10pm to Monday 15 August 5am. 

Journeys from Ilmala to Pasila and Helsinki can be made via Huopalahti. In addition, bus 23 (Rautatientori–Alppila–Pasila–Ruskeasuo) stops close to Ilmala station at the "Ilmalantori" and "Ilmalanrinne" bus stops. Journeys from the direction of Huopalahti to Ilmala can be made via Pasila.

From 10pm to 2am, L trains to Helsinki as well as the 4am L train from Kirkkonummi will stop at Ilmala.


Changes to departure platforms at Pasila

There will also be changes to departure platforms at Pasila.
P, K, N and T trains to Helsinki will leave from track 2. I, K, N and T trains in the direction of Tikkurila will leave from track 3. R and Z trains to Helsinki will leave from track 5 and to Tikkurila from track 4.

Please check the departure platform on the timetable displays at the station.

The changes are due to track work.