Changes to U and L train services between Tolsa and Kirkkonummi 3-4 September

There will be changes to U and L train services between Tolsa and Kirkkonummi from Sat 3 September 4pm to Sunday 4 September 8pm due to bridge work. 

Sat 3 September 4pm-8pm every second U train is cancelled between Tolsa and Kirkkonummi and every second train runs to Kirkkonummi as usual.

Sat 3 September 8pm - Sun 4 September 8pm all U and L trains are cancelled between Tolsa and Kirkkonummi.

Between Helsinki and Tolsa, trains operate to normal timetables.

Bus 914X will replace the cancelled services between Tolsa and Kirkkonummi.

The bus will leave from Tolsa to Kirkkonummi from stop Ki0612 and use the route Tolsantie – Vanha Rantatie – Kirkkonummentie – Asemankaari – Kirkkonummi Travel Center.

From Kirkkonummi to Tolsa, the bus will leave from the Travel Center bay 5 and use the route  Asemankaari – Kirkkonummentie – Jorvaksentie – Tolsantie – Tolsa stop Ki0612.

The bus will serve all bus stops along the route

Map showing the route of bus 914X

Tolsa-Kirkkonummi timetables Sat 3 Sep

Tolsa-Kirkkonummi timetables Sun 4 Sep