Routes 65 and 66 to replace routes 65A and 66A from 15 August 2016 – New terminus at Rautatientori

Routes 65A and 66A are shortened and renumbered 65 and 66 from 15 August 2016. At the same time, the routes will get a new terminus at Rautatientori.

Bus 65 will run between Rautatientori and Veräjälaakso using the same route as bus 65A, while bus 66 will run along the familiar route of bus 66A between Rautatientorin and Paloheinän.

In the evening and on Sundays, bus 66K will run via Metsälä and Vanha Maunula replacing the services of route 51 in Maunula at times when bus 51 does not operate. 

Route 65:
Rautatientori-Veräjälaakso, timetable

Routes 66 and 66K:
Rautatientori-Paloheinä, timetable