Switch to autumn timetables on 15 August

HSL transport services will switch to winter autumn timetables on 15 August. Works to change timetables at stops are underway and part of route number sigs have already been changed. Unlike before, HSL does not publish a winter timetable booklet.

The biggest changes to bus routes will take place in Lauttasaari. In North Espoo, route numbers will change. Changes will take place also in other parts of the HSL area.

Detailed timetable information is available in the Journey Planner or at hsl.fi. There are also route-specific timetables and stop-specific timetables. In the Journey Planner, you can view the desired routes on map.

Route-specific timetable leaflets are available on buses and trams, as well as at HSL service points and Citizens’ Offices. In addition, you can ask about the changes by calling HSL’s free customer service line on 09 4766 4000 (local network charge).

HSL does not publish a timetable booklet due to the changes to bus routes caused by the delay in the opening of the West Metro as the duration of the temporary arrangements is not known.

More information about changes from 15 August