Buses replace trains between Korso and Järvenpää on Wednesday/Thursday night

Train services will be disrupted between Korso and Järvenpää on the early hours of Thursday 10 November from 1.05am to 4.45am.  

The 1.18am N train from Helsinki and 1.48am T train will stop at Korso, from wher passengers can continue by bus. The bus replacing the N train will run via Savio station to Kerava station. The bus replacing the T train will run to Järvenpää via Savio, Kerava and Ainola stations. 

The 3.12am T train from Riihimäki to Helsinki will stop at Järvenpää, from where passengers can continue to Korso by bus. The bus will stop at Ainola, Kerava and Savio stations. The bus will leave from Kerava at 4.05am. After the arrival of the bus, there will be an N train from Korso to Helsinki at 4.22am. The train will arrive in Helsinki at 4.52am, about 30 minutes later than the usual T train. 

The route number of the replacement bus is 973X. Both HSL and VR tickets will be accepted. 

Alterations to norhtbound trains

N train from Helsinki at 1.18am will run only until Korso.
The replacement bus 973X will leave from bay 14 on Korsontie at 1.53am. The bus will stop at Savio at 1.59am and arrive at Kerava at 2.05am. 

T train from Helsinki at 1.48am will run until Korso. 
The replacement bus 973X will leave from bay 14 in Korso at 2.24am. The bus will stop at Savio at 2.30am, at Kerava at 2.36am and at Ainola at 2.51am and arrive at Järvenpää at 2.56am. T train will continue from Järvenpää to Riihimäki at 3.01am.

Alterations to trains to Helsinki

T train from Riihimäki at 3.12am will run only until Järvenpää.
The replacement bus 973X will leave from Järvenpää station at 3.45am. The bus will stop at Kerava at 4.05am and at Savio at 4.11am and arrive at Korso at 4.17am. N train will continue from Korso to Helsinki at 4.22am. 

Stops for replacement buses

Bay 14 on Korsontie.

Bussin 973X lähtöpaikka Korsossa

Along Saviontie by Savio station.

Bussin 973X pysäkit Saviolla

To Korso, bay 3 at the Kerava station bus terminal, to Järvenpää in front of the station.

Bussin 973X lähtöpaikka Keravan asemalla