Some bus services not running during the school Christmas break

The services marked in the bus timetables with a plus (+) will not operate during the school Christmas holidays 23 December 2016 – 6 January 2017.

Helsinki internal route 91, Espoo internal routes 348, 349 and 565B, Vantaa internal routes 573 and 588 as well as Sipoo bus routes 982, 984, 989, 992, 993 and 994 will not run at all during the Christmas break.

In addition, some services on routes 737/737K, 985, 986, 987 and 996 will not run, the services are marked in the timetables with a plus.

On route U346, the 2.30pm service from Vihti to Helsinki (from Saarijärvi at about 3pm) will not run during the Christmas school break in Vihti 22 December 2016-6 January 2017.

On route 989, the 8.15am(A) service and 3.35pm(V) service from Monninkylä as well as the 7.20am(A) service from Järvenpää, 2.20pm service from Järvenpää vocational school and 4.35pm(HJ) service from Järvenpää will run between 3 January 2017 and 5 January 2017.