Changes to bus departure bays at Leppävaara bus terminal at night 6–7 September

There will be temporary changes to bus departure bay at the Leppävaara bus terminal from Wednesday 6 September 9pm to Thursday 7 September 5am due to pavement works.

In addition, buses from the direction of Ring Road I will exceptionally arrive at the terminal from the other side of the Sello shopping center than usual. All stops will be served as usual.

Changes to bus departure bays 6 Sep 9pm – 7 Sep 5am:

Bays 21, 22 and 23 will be closed. Buses 106, 203 to Laajalahti, 502 and 543 will leave from bay 24.

Leppävaaran poissa käytöstä olevat laiturit 6.-7.9. yöllä

Departure bays from 7 September 5am

All departure bays will be in use as usual.

Bus 106 will leave from bay 21. Bus 203 to Laajalahti will leave from bay 22. Bus 502 will leave from bay 23 and bus 543 from bay 22.