Major disruptions to I, K, N and P train services - No train service between Tikkurila and Helsinki Airport

Sat 30 Sep 3.43am

Trains return to regular service. Last replacement bus to operate is the 4.04am service from Tikkurila towards Oulunkylä. All other replacement bus service has been stopped as there are no more disruptions to train services.



Earlier disruptions:

There are substantial disruptions to train services on the main line and Ring Rail Line due to an electric fault between Tikkurila and Hiekkaharju. 

According to current estimates, the disruptions will continue until 5am on Saturday morning after which normal train services will resume. 

Until midnight

- P trains operate only between Helsinki, Huopalahti, Myyrmäki and Helsinki Airport. There are no train services from the airport to Tikkurila.
- I trains run only between Helsinki Airport, Myyrmäki, Huopalahti and Helsinki. There are no train services from Helsinki via Tikkurila to the airport. 
- K trains operate as N trains. Northbound N trains stop only at Tikkurila between Oulunkylä and Korso. Southbound N trains stops at all stations. 

Connections from Tikkurila to Helsinki Airport and Helsinki Airport to Tikkurila:
Bus 562 (Mellunmäki-Tikkurila-Aviapolis) exceptionally continues from Aviapolis to the airport under route number 562N. The buses leave from bay 12 in front of Terminal 1 and from bay 25 in front of Terminal 2. At the Tikkurila bus terminal, the buses use bay 16. 

Connections from the Helsinki Central Railway Station to Helsinki Airport to the Central Railway Station:
In addition to the P trains, bus 615 runs between the Central Railway Station and the airport and bus 415 runs between Elielinaukio and the airport. In addition, buses 561 and 561N run between Helsinki Airport and Itäkeskus via Malmi.


The fault is fixed overnight. During the repair work, there are changes to train services and main line train services are replaced by buses.

Train services

- N and T trains only stop at Pasila, Käpylä, Oulunkylä, Tikkurila and Korso in both directions. After Korso, northbound trains stop as usual. There are replacement buses.
- Only P trains run from Helsinki to the airport (via Myyrmäki), only I trains run from the airport to Helsinki (via Myyrmäki)

Replacement buses

Between Oulunkylä and Tikkurila:

The replacement bus runs from Oulunkylä via Pukinmäki, Malmi, Tapanila and Puistola to Tikkurila and vice versa.

Departures from  Oulunkylä at 11.56pm, 0.26am, 0.56am, 1.26am, 2.26am, 2.56am, 3.26am, 3.56am, 4.26am and 4.56am.
Stops: Oulunkylä station (3167, on Maaherrantie), Pukinmäki station (3184, on Ring Road I), Malmi station (bay 15, Ylä-Malmi bus terminal), Tapanila station (Jukolantie stop 3387, on Päivöläntie), Puistola station (bay 11, on Tapulikaupungintie), Tikkurila station.

Departures from Tikkurila at 0.34am, 1.04am, 1.34am, 2.04am, 2.34am, 3.04am, 3.34am, 4.04am and 4.34am.
Stops: Tikkurila Travel Center (bay 17, south of the bus terminal on Ratatie),  Puistola station (bay 12, on Tapulikaupungintie), Tapanila station (Jukolantie stop 3386), Malmi station (bay 16, Ylä-Malmi bus terminal), Pukinmäki station (3183, on Ring Road I), Oulunkylä station.

Route of the bus on Google Maps.

Between Tikkurila and Korso:

Bus 631 continues to run from Tikkurila via Leinelä, Koivukylä, Korso to Kulomäki and vice versa until about 5am. The departure times from  Tikkurila are synchronized with N and T trains. 

For other possible routes, see the Journey Plannerit. Exclude trains from your search. 

Between Tikkurila and Helsinki Airport

Bus 562N runs as usual.