Some buses not serving bus stops on Jussaksentie in Nikkilä 4-8 September

There will be a lane closure between Kylätie and Pornaistentie from Monday 4 September to Thursday 8 September due to street works and some bus routes are diverted to run via Mixintie and Pornaistentie.

Some buses will not serve the Jussaksentie bus stops (Si2231 and Si2238). Buses  991, 982, 986 and 987 run as usual and serve the Jussaksentie stops, with the exception of services on routes 986/B and 987B after 2pm from Järvenpää/Pornainen and services on routes 986 and 987 from Nikkilä (Itäinen Jokipuisto) before 12noon. In addition, bus 983 serves the Jussaksentie stop Si2231 only in the direction of Kerava and stop Si2238 only in the direction of Kilpilahti. The map below shows the temporary stops on Pornaistentie. The arrangements affect routes 785, 786, 787, 788, 983, 985, 986 and 987.

Jussaksentie poikkeus