All departure bays at the Railway Square in use from Tuesday 10 October - Changes to bus departure bays

Bay 9 at the Railway Square (Rautatientori) will be reopened on Tuesday 10 October. At the same time, buses will no longer use bay 16 in front of the Ateneum Art Museum, with the exception of bus 23N. In addition, bus 55 will resume its normal route via Kaisaniemenkatu and Vilhonkatu. Buses 632,633,635 and 785-788 will continue to run via Kaisaniemenranta and drop off passengers at bay 13 on Läntinen Teatterikuja. The changes affect buses 55,73N,74N,75 and 79N as well as buses 785-788.


Changes from 10 October:

  • Bus 55 leaves from bay 9
  • Buses 73N, 74N, 75, 79N leave from bay 5
  • Buses 785-788 leave from bay 8

Rautatientori 10.10. alkaen